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Motion Graphics

  • wow, just wow. A Paris studio that has a strong focus on motion graphics! They have a very strong style that can be seen in all of their work, play with 3D & 2D, emphasis on surfaces aka as shiny as we can make it. Very captivating! Check them out: hellohikimori

Interactive (Web)

A blog that aims to teach, inspire, and help designers (web section).

Info graphic showing how your friends are related, etc. Good example for Information Design project 2
Nice imagery, cool interactive effects, interesting hover transitions.
Sweet interactive site, especially for an oven...
Check this out!
Unique interactive website that allows viewers to draw and change the company logo/slogan.
Take a look at the browser and scrolling!
Work popping up everywhere, very dynamic!
You have to drag around to find things, but there is also the option of a more traditional navigation at times.
Not the easiest navigation in the world, because when you click things fold up, but creates cool visual effects.
You can customize the site! change the background colour, and the navigation. It is nice to have options!
Very interesting way to display their collection as well as to make the website interactive.
Some really fun applications and possible ideas that could help with project 1.
website, a really really well done vertically scrolling editoral style website... with a nifty embedded quick navigation element down the right side. Sa-Weet.
An interesting portfolio site that focuses a lot on images and mouse movement.
Interesting Yamaha Japan website with never ending picture navigation
Daily update with Fresh website design ideas, some really good sites here with interesting contents!v

  • A Girl Story - The world's first donation-based film series starring Tarla – a girl who dreams of an education. The story unlocks based on the donations you contribute. Neat way of displaying and navigation.
  • tripwire magazine - a really cool magazine that has a lot of links to good web design, tutorials and ideas
  • JQuery and Flash - contains websites that use both Flash and JQuery, showcasing them and looking at the differences between them
  • Angelo Plessas - a designer Angelo Plessas's website. check out the format of the websit, it's very interesting.


Mike Perry makes hand-drawn paintings and illustrations for books, magazines, newspapers, clothing. He has worked with clients from New York Times Magazine, Dwell Magazine, Microsoft Zune, Urban Outfitters, eMusic, and Zoo York.
A website with an assortment of photography, illustration, web design, motion graphics, painting and graphic design.
A bakery in Michigan. Great use of type!
A website that contains great fonts for your website!
A really cute video that is a typographic take on little red riding hood.
A blog which contains a great selection of interesting typographic works and experimentations.
A really neat animated typeface by Calango.
Also-Online is a design/animation/illustration studio.Their website is reeeealllllly coooooool!
Check it out! My favourite is the "contact" page.


  • FWA
    Standing for the Favourite Website Awards, this site has great websites for you to check out and gather inspiration from.
  • Heart Directed
    A site filled with art blog posts !
  • Abuzeedo: Best Sites of 2010
    A lot of really great sites both in function and in aesthetics all in one blog. Just something to get your juices flowing.
  • YSDN class of 2013
    What better inspiration than to go on facebook and look at stuff fellow peers have posted up? ;)
  • Behance Network
    Great website for inspiration for any kind design – showcase of design work around the world.
  • TheRoxor
    A design blog with lots of great examples of packaging design, information design, web design, and more.
  • Design Shack
    Great website with resources and tutorials for graphic design focused mainly for the web.
  • LooksLikeGoodDesign
    Site with lots of examples of design, typography, illustration and photography work.
  • Abduzeedo
Website that contains lots of inspiration in photograpy and typography etc.
TypoJungle is an inspirational resource focused on typography, graphic design, books, exhibitions, minimalism and modernism, updated several times a day.


At website filled with talented photographer's work.


Adobe Kuler is an internet application from Adobe Systems that lets individuals try out, create and save various color schemes.
An application where you can choose your own colour scheme.
When the URL is inputted it automatically detects colours from the css.
Helps you name that colour you choose on the pallete.
A really neat project/collective started by Alex Orlowski and Hattie Newman! "We instigated an open collective by the name of The Yellow Revolution, intended to facilitate and showcase interdisciplinary creative collaboration amongst UWE students. The revolution led Hattie and I to become the joint campus chair of the Students Union for UWE's creative campus, Bower Ashton."
Help you match colours


Some work from Johnathan Harris - Designer, Artist, Computer Whiz
Fun graphics: check. Interesting information: check. Interactivity: check. This website allows you to track the origins of your t-shirt in a creative manner, but who knows, maybe the graphics and functionality will provide some inspiration for your projects :)
Cool online portfolio by interaction designer Markus Lerner. Processing and lots of other awesome stuff!
A website where you can search wire frames for popular websites.
Contains video and publishing tools that might be interesting to learn for your websites!
An interactive site with a fun aesthetic.

  • HTML5 info graph:
external image HTML5__.jpg

  • Google Chrome Japan commercials:

Nicholas Felton's Annual Reports made from various types of data and code.

  • non format design
a cool design studio