Due to computer explosion, process wont be up until aprox. 2am.

Its loading from victoria lums digitallocker because Im working from a PC at home and the only way for me to access the server short of going to school is to go to the closest mac to me.

Rather than pick a random word to base my website off of, i decided to use the same word I was assigned to in Typography 3 in order to consolidate the projects and create one unified piece.

This made choosing the visual depiction of the word (SOLIDARITY) particularly difficult. I went through many different ideas, many of which being perfectly workable for the interactivity project were far too literal for the typography project. Below are some thumbnails of ideas and mind maps.


Noun: Unity or agreement of feeling or action, esp. among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group.

This was the final typography project.
Due to the fact that these projects were intertwined, I replaced my mood board with my final type poster as all the visual cues will be taken from the poster:

I settled on the imagery of the bridge because the idea of a rope bridge runs many parallels with the idea of solidarity.

both involve many individual pieces becoming a whole to serve one purpose
both are held together by a mutual bond or cause
If an individual plank breaks in the line of duty it does not matter because of the bond(rope) will still support the group, but if the bond(rope) is severed the whole bridge collaspes

IN the process of creating the corresponding interactive portions of the website, I decided to use parts of my type poster and animate them to show their symbolism towards solidarity.
Many of the sketches I originally tried to execute using processing but found I could not properly embed into the html without sacrificing the functionality of the external libraries.

as a solution I made a switch to using Action script 3.0 instead.

link to prototype site will be up once I get access to the server again.