Project 3 : Interface and Connotation (30%)

For next week's class, pick a connotative word that you can collect and develop with associated visual material. Your chosen word will become the focus for designing a "micro-site" (approx. 5-6 screens) to explore possible interpretations.

For the first week students will create a moodboard and post it to the wiki along with a brief description of your word.

Emphasis will be on visual experimentation with imagery and typography, by creating content with Processing in combination with other digital tools (jQuery, Flash, photography, video, sound recording, webcam, etc).

By designing for the web, students are expected to investigate the medium's potential for visual communication within an interactive space.

Some examples of connotative words:
  • Danger
  • Childlike
  • Cheap
  • Confused
  • Deformed
  • Home
  • Slovenly
  • Ambiguous
  • Truthful
  • Pensive
  • Pleasureable


  1. full implementation of website hosted on the digital locker
  2. all planning/process documented on the wiki

Due April 5 for an in class presentation


Week 11 - Mar 16

at home
  • generate/edit visual content
  • develop narrative approach, visual comps
  • explore media tools

Week 12 - Mar 23

  • crit of visual comps
  • in class consultation
at home
  • cont'd production
  • develop prototype

Week 13 - Mar 30

  • review/presentation of prototype
at home
  • refine/finalize project

Week 14 - Apr 5

  • final due date - in class presentation