Project 2: Journey (25%)

This project is the design of an experience that communicates movement and passing through a location or a journey. To begin with each student will use photography to capture and map their journey. While doing so, think about how to create a digital version of your journey as a digital experience. The photos that document the journey will be a good starting point for abstraction, deconstruction and various visual explorations.

In class, we will introduce/review how to create motion, interactive and static components in Processing. The expressive potential of the medium will be explored in order to gain an understating of how computation can be used to generate form and content. By using Processing software, students will design and code a series of operations to generate content not easily created using standard desktop tools.

The creative challenge in this project will be to evoke a feeling of movement, travel or journey.
  • take at least 30 photos is a guideline for the scope of the project
  • use your everyday environment as subject matter
  • from home to school, a recent outing downtown, a walk through a neighborhood, a drive to another city, a hike in the woods
  • take notes to document your surroundings/senses ... might be useful later


Students are to plan and execute approximately 6- 8 sketches that address the following:
  1. Dynamic output - eg save file(s) at various states to pdf, png, etc
  2. Typographic experiments - eg. design of typograhic compostions
  3. Image processing - use of captured images (photos, scans, illustrations, etc)
  4. Video (sound optional) - output of motion to video format

Libraries will be accessed to extend Processing's capabilities ( pdf, video) ...these will be covered in class.


  1. Final 6-8 sketches output for the web and documented in an online format (student examples1 23)
  2. Rough work/ planning hosted on wiki page

Project due Mar 16 for in class review


Some possible approaches to consider when gathering and handling of images for this project.


  • possible to take photos from the window of the car, bus or train
  • you can find an outdoor or indoor location or a combination of both
  • take photos to communicate scale/length of journey


  • this project can be done using hand drawn images if you want
  • using Illustrator and/or Photoshop to convert drawings on paper to digital images
  • drawing tablets can be used to generate digital images


  • various materials/approaches can be used to create stop motion sequences
    • rotoscope
    • lego
    • etch a sketch

Generative Design

  • abstract images can be created from code using processing, this is known as generate design


  • use of PS/Illustrator to edit images
  • batch processing to handle many images at once
  • also optimize images that can be used in Processing's image functions


Week 6 - Feb 9

at home
  • Capture and document journey; post photos to wiki

Week 7- Feb 16

at home
  • Complete Exercise 1 for after reading week

Week 8 - Feb 23

Reading week - no class

Week 9 - Mar 2

Processing stuff
  • Video class library
  • Exercise 1 due for in class review
  • Complete project 2 sketches
  • Document in web format

Week 10 -Mar 9

  • Project due for in class review