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Cool inspiration:

Week 5 lecture links:

Check out some of this designer's processing work!

Typeface Project
Processing code that generates typefaces based on people faces! :O
external image typeface-screencap-2.jpg


  • Ole Kristensen / Vimeo Interesting usage of processing to map the bodies movements and create an interesting and extremely visual performance !

Body Navigation (8 min. trailer) from ole kristensen on Vimeo.

February 9 2011 Lecture
  • House of Cards by Radio Head
  • For more videos on the making of the video, explore the data visualization, and the actual data itself visit Google Code

  • Tangible Experimental interface built with processing mentioned in a presentation we had in class. Allows users to interact with the hockey-puck looking object.

  • Arduino Board An open source circuit board that uses sensors to create interactive projects/environments.