Project 2 : Exercise 1

Using assorted images gathered from the Project 2 journey, students are asked to explore Processing to create a series of new visual compositions by exploring Generative Gestaltung . In these examples, an image is created from a visual idea which is translated into a set of rules and then implemented in a programming language in the form of source code. The consequence is that Processing can not only create a single image, but also completely re-design visual worlds by changing the parameters of code.

For this exercise, students will:
  • choose two different Picture codes
  • download and explore code ... some are quite complicated
  • modify the code and use your own images
  • add a number of your own images to create some new generative compostions
  • you must comment the code and credit the originator
  • use Open Processing post to the wiki by class time on Mar 2

We will start this exercise in class but it is expected that students will complete this at home over reading week.

This could potentially be part of your Project 2, so see it as a learning exercise but also a way to work towards your project completion. But keep in mind, the more you can modify the code, the more control you will have over your designs and the more satisfying your project outcome.