Image Gallery Exercise

Using 10 images gathered from Project 1, each student will create an image gallery using a jQuery library of their choice. By using jQuery, designers can access huge and complex JavaScript functions that would otherwise be too difficult to learn and implement. Code snippets make things a lot easier for designers to adjust the code and visually customize the image gallery. See demos: Full Screen Image Gallery Using Flickr and Sliding Boxes and Captions

For this exercise, students will:
  • download and link jQuery file to an existing html file
  • download and install a library; browse and choose from this list or this one
  • add 10 images of your designed object to the chosen image library

This will be an in-class exercise but if there is not enough time, students will need to complete at home for next class.

This could potentially be part of your Project 1 interface, so see it as a learning exercise but also a way to work towards your interface design. But keep in mind that this is optional and Project 1 is not a image gallery.