Exercise 1

Create five squares of text,each with its own visual texture. Using CSS rules, produce variations of value, density, and transparency
by using different type styles (old style italic serifs, uniformly weighted sans serifs, text set entirely in capital letters, and so on).
Adjust the light to dark value (typographic color) of each square by changing letterspacing, paragraph leading, and other attributes.

Arrange the five blocks of text inside a 960 px wide screen with blocks visible above the fold.
Manipulate the scale and placement of the squares to achieve compositional balance, tension, and depth.
Squares can bleed off the edges to reinforce the illusion of amplification and recession.

For this exercise, students will:
  • go to Wikipedia and choose Random Article from the side menu - use this as the text material
  • create a series of 4 linking HTML documents that are styled by an external CSS document
  • use <a href> tag in interesting and creative way other than the obvious "next page"
  • include index.html located in root folder

Due at the beginning of next class Jan 12 for review and discussion.

external image 69.gif
external image 69.gif