Track my T

Track my T is a site that allows users to visually experice what your tshirt goes through from the time it is a cotton seed up until it's the shirt that you wear. It is primarily used as a learning tool for educate younger students on the process of creating a shirt and how much work goes into each one. The overall feel of the site is very fun and playful. It is also extremely interactive to the point where you cannot access any information without having to click on something. It has a very energetic feel to it created by its use of bright and fun colours and the way in which the images have a cut out and collaged look to everything. It makes the viewer want to look into things more and click on links to see how they move and what new page it will bring up. There is some hierarchy on the primary page that is created by text size and placement and within the links on the first page hierarchy is created by depth from the hanging objects and the size of text. The interactions are quite innovative in how they are hung. Even the way in which you need to click around to find the other parts of interaction. However, it is somewhere difficult to navigate back to a previous page at first but once you figure out how it becomes much easier. The tractor on the front page is quite fun to play with. Over all I found that it is a fun and enjoyable page. It is mildly difficult to navigate at first but once you get the hang of things the interaction is quite fun to play with and the site is interesting to explore and learn about.

The Kennedy's

The Kennedy's is an information and application page for an advertising firm in Amsterdam. It shows all required information for applying and prgram details on the home page and it extremely easy to navigate and to find what you are looking for and it is extremely interesting to look at. There is only one page essential with images to click on that clears away the background to give the viewer an easy to read page with all of the important information displayed and a clear close button to get you back to the main page. There is a minimal use of colour however what is used is used in an effective manner because it is used to emphasize the important parts that must be interacted with and clicked on. The typography is very fitting with the rest of the images that are used to create the overall page. The type stands out enough to be noticed but also fits in without taking away. The hierarchy is created by colour and the way that each things flash and size difference. The interactions are slightly convention however the rest of the site is innovative in and of itself so having more basic interaction makes the page much easier to navigate. Overall the page is fun to look at but easy to use and all of the information is present.