Activity Log (DylanBS)

January 6
  • Got accepted into Wikispaces
  • Created my Activity Log
  • Wrote about Creating my Activity Log in my Activity Log
  • Made a Flickr Account

January 13

January 15
  • Started Rough Sketches for my website and began making illustrations/vectors of my room for my website
  • Created an organizational method for my comics

January 26

March 9
  • 5 of 6 processing sketches complete with a dummy website operational
  • Basic drawing finished used as rollovers/button to activate all processing sketches (needs to be inked)

March 16/17
  • Project 2 finished and posted!!! :D
  • Rough work / ideas collected and posted within process work on wiki page
  • No commenting this week :(

March 23
  • Mood Borad completed and posted in pdf format for viewing
  • Exercise 1 websites found and began to write up paragraphs

March 30
  • Started working on text / write up for my webpages / categorization
  • Finished all drawings / Photoshopping of images for website
  • Began construction of website, along with placing of elements and creation of processing sketches

April 7/8
  • Finished uploading process work and project for Project 3
  • Commented on Christine Gogev's Project 3
  • Commented on Kelsea Cotnam's Project 3
  • Commented on Conrad Shen's Project 3