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Due to the snow closure at York University, the last day of class is now Tuesday April 5, 2011.

Public Talk: Jan Edler, realities:united

Thursday March 10, 4:30-6:30 pm
Tribute Communities Recital Hall
Accolade East

Jan Edler has been working at the intersection between art, architecture and technology since 1997. In 2000, he established his Berlin-based studio realities:united with his twin brother, Tim Edler. The studio has gained international recognition for both initiating and realizing hybrid interactive installations at an architectural and/or urban scale. Within that scope the brothers’ focus of interest lies in the development of operational strategies between art, design, architecture and technological research. In his talk, Jan Edler will provide insights on their projects, successes and failures.
realities:united has produced interaction skins for buildings such as the Kunsthaus in Graz, Austria and ILUMA in Singapore as well as media installations in Copenhagen, Seoul and New York. The studio has been commissioned to create an art installation for the TTC’s new Steeles West subway station (designed by British “starchitect” Will Alsop) to be located just north of York University’s Keele campus and slated to open in 2015.

This lecture is made possible with support from the Department of Visual Arts, the Department of Design, and the Faculty of Fine Arts

Project 2 Update

As an option, students may have an extra week to complete Project 2 - revised due date is Mar 16.

This extra time should be used to sharpen your work in terms of visuals and interactions. After reviewing Processing the exercises last week, many were superficial enhancements of the original photos with not enough visual deconstruction and re-working of the content.

This project is an opportunity to develop and explore innovative means of creating new content, not simply decorating your photos.

In the next class, your instructors will be available to further critique and direct your work.

This extension is an option and some of you might not need or wish to take the added time. Also please bear in mind that giving this extra week is an opportunity to improve your work and not meant to delay things.

Processing Tutorials

Processing Basics I:
Processing Basics II:
Animation with Processing:

The best place to start is Processing.org's tutorial collection: http://processing.org/learning/

Please be advised that Tuesday, April 5, 2011 will become the make up day to replace Wednesday Feb 2. As such exams will now start on Thursday, April 7 and the last day of classes will be Tuesday, April 5, 2011.

Please note that all classes originally scheduled on Wednesday, February 2, 2011 will be automatically rescheduled to take place on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 in their existing assigned rooms.

There will be no change to the last day of exams which is April 23. We will be notifying students accordingly and updating the web site over the next few days.

Sherry Lewkowicz
Associate Registrar, Academic Scheduling

Processing Workshop!

The Design Students Association is holding a Processing workshop Thursday (Feb 3) at 6:30pm in TEL Studio 3. They will demo some cool things people have done with Processing.


Snow Day Update in Regards to Project 1, Participation, Scheduling, Etc

As you may be wondering, what is happening in terms of our project 1 deadline today? Well, since we maybe challenged at doing critiques en masse over the interweb, I hope you don't mind if we wait until next week to submit the project.Objections? ...I didn't think so.

That said, your final projects must be ready on the digital locker and linked to the wiki by the beginning of next class. This is so we can get started right away at doing a quick review and move on to the next project.

To complete the participation component of giving feedback, you need to have your prototypes from last week posted and linked to your wiki right away. The feedback needs to be given as soon as possible to allow suggestions and ideas to be integrated into the final project. Some people have completed this already, but many have not.

Also in preparation for next week's project 2 have a look at these handouts -These will be extremely helpful at unclogging those memory banks and get you in gear for next class. Highly recommended!

- dgelb dgelb Feb 2, 2011


Feb 2, 2011, 12:45

As of 12:45pm York University has confirmed that both day and evening classes have been canceled due to extreme weather conditions.
But what about the assignment?

"Current Status: The University has adopted Weather Emergency Procedures at its Keele and Glendon Campuses only. Effective 1:00 pm, Wednesday, 02 February 2011, all day classes and evening classes have been cancelled and examinations postponed. The weather emergency continues. Those employees who would normally report to work for the night shift are not to do so. The University will resume normal working hours on Thursday 03 February 2011. For information about possible cancellation or postponement of a scheduled special event at the University, please telephone the Faculty, department or office responsible."

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THE 2011 GOLDFARB LECTURE IN VISUAL ARTS Jason Bruges: “Visualizing the Invisible”

Jan 26, 2011, 4:30pm-5:30pm

external image jason-bruge-panel.jpgBritish artist, architect and interaction designer Jason Bruges gives an illustrated presentation on his ground-breaking Studio and its innovative practice.

Jason Bruges Studio, based in London/UK, comprises a team of architects, lighting designers and specialists in interaction and industrial design. The Studio creates customized interactive installations, interventions and spaces that intersect the worlds of architecture, site-specific installation art and design. Projects for its international clientele range from large-scale building facades and public art to interactive interior environments and products.

In Visualizing the Invisible, Bruges will discuss some of the Studio’s current creative projects including its public art commission for the TTC's York University subway station and artwork for the University of Oregon’s new Matthew Knight Arena.

Bruges trained as an architect at Oxford Brookes University and University College London and worked with the architectural firm Foster + Partners in London and Hong Kong and as senior interactive design consultant at Imagination before launching Jason Bruges Studio in 2001.

Shelley Hornstein, professor of architectural history and urban culture in York’s Department of Visual Arts, will speak in response to Bruges’ talk, followed by an audience Q & A.

Visualizing the Invisible is the seventh in a series of annual public lectures made possible through the generous support of Joan and Martin Goldfarb.


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